Healthcare by Herman Miller

Herman Miller Healthcare designs products to support care environments. YouCare is the offical distribution partner of Herman Miller Healthcare. We are the only partner importing and selling this products in Europe.

Designing for the Continuum of Care for more than 40 years, Herman Miller have invested in a complete portfolio of solutions to address needs across the continuum of care. These solutions – which span the Herman Miller, Geiger, and Nemschoff brands – reflect a commitment to human-centered design. From clinical products to administrative systems, HM-solutions thoughtfully complement one another to bring the best designs for human interaction to the healthcare enterprise. The holistic portfolio of solutions reflects the uniqueness of Herman Miller products and covers the vast challenges of today’s healthcare systems. 

We hope that you get to know, and further understand, the HM family of products when you scroll down. You can purchase procedure and supply carts directly on our website. For all other products of the Herman Miller Healthcare family please contact Linda Seisenberger for further information or request the Herman Miller catalogue. 

Procedure and Supply Carts

Our tough, durable Procedure and Supply Carts are designed to meet the demands of today and make changes easy as needs change. A modular cart system means universal sizes and easily interchangeable drawers and accessories. Our flexible and adaptive solution expands storage and transport capabilities, saves time and money, and improves efficiency and productivity. As a certified Herman Miller dealer we can offer you procedure and supply carts for direct purchase.


Patient Chairs

Patient Chairs such as the Nala® are built with the same ergonomic innovations found in Herman Miller’s award-winning office chairs. Nala combines ergonomics and technology with the comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning needed in patient seating. Its tilt, support, and contours follow the movements of the human body. UPON REQUEST


Patient Recliners

Herman Miller Recliners introduce a lighter, more inviting seating option for patients that’s comforting and comfortable when sitting for long stretches. Caregivers find these recliners particularly responsive to their needs, as well, with thoughtful features like pivoting arms, dual-sided controls, and reverse recline. The lean form of the Ava Recliner e.g. is sized to fit into smaller patient rooms, and move and operate easily. UPON REQUEST



Herman Miller adaptive workstations and storage solutions offer purposeful variety and choice to facilitate individual productivity and collaborative interaction. Workplaces such as the Resolve® System enables people to feel comfortable, valued, and connected in their workspaces. Its imaginative design places people in a more calming environment, where they can focus on their duties or activities. UPON REQUEST


Lounge Seating

Lounge Seating Solutions by Herman Miller Designed give you bold, contemporary styling and long-lasting, comfortable support. A choice of one-, two-, or three-seat models and benches can be configured in multiple ways to meet a variety of needs, and coordinating tables let you create a cohesive look throughout your care environment. UPON REQUEST


Office Seating

A good swivel chair is indispensable to work effectively in your care environment. If you decide for a product from the US brand Herman Miller, you benefit from an ergonomic seating comfort that makes your daily work easier. The designers created a both ergonomic and artistically high-quality office chair. Their basic idea was a design office chair which makes working life easier for workers who spend most of the day sitting. Our partner and offical Herman Miller dealer YourChair distributes the ergonomic office chairs in Germany.




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